Saturday, May 2, 2009

Right in the Kisser!

So I've mentioned before that some the spring time, I like to find inspiration from citrus. Combine the availability of so many fresh fruits this time of year with all of the grass, trees, and flowers in bloom... and my mind kept seeing shades of green. Consequently, I succumbed to the green as well as gave a nod of respect to my days in Florida and bought myself a bag of Key Limes this week.

Of COURSE I was thinking about Key Lime Pies, but then I thought... ooooh... key lime HAPPY JANES. all the taste, tang and creamy goodness of a pie in one uber-decadent bite. SIGN ME UP!

Do you like how nice and neat I started with my bowl of key limes and clean cutting board?

Unfortunately, trying to de-pulp key limes is NOT an easy task. not only did my fingers prune in the prolonged exposure to juice, but man! I made quite a mess!

I tried everything! A peeler, a fork, knife, spoon... considered the food processor... but nothing but time and effort were the trick to removing the pulp (sans PITS!) from the little green meanies.

I strained the pulp and juice, because I was really only wanting to add the lime pulp. I knew too much 'juice' and my buttercream would not set, so I tried to minimize my liquid additions.

Once my buttercream filling was set, I piped it on to some home-made graham cracker rounds. I know I've said this before, but I LOVE this recipe for home-made graham crackers!!! So tasty!! (speaking of tasty... don't these girls look so GOOD??? )

You know the rest! do the dip.... let harden, and enjoy!! (ok, more like.. do the dip, get impatient waiting for white chocolate to set, stick in freezer, STARE at freezer willing sub-zero temperatures to make the shell harden already... THEN enjoy!) I tried to keep to the key lime pie 'flavor' as much as possible, so I stuck with white chocolate.

I joked on Twitter that my husband Troy was going to propose to me again when he tasted these.

He did. (well... no ring was involved.. but he did actually put his dishes in the dish washer, so that's close enough for me!)

Please give a warm welcome to our newest Jane----

The Key Lime Kisser!

Lessons Learned: de-pulping key limes is HARD! I have bought key-lime juice in the past, but man oh man, if I could out-right purchase key lime pulp.... I would totally do it. When I make these again (and I will... these are definitely a high-ranker in terms of flavor in our house, and I see them being made well into and through the summer!) I will try different methods of de-pulping. maybe I'll even try the food processor. you know.. once I figure out if eating key lime rinds is ok.


Elissa said...

I've never heard of happy janes but where have they been all my life?? These looks so good!

The cupcakes also look super perfect!

Erin said...

I love your purple strainer. Where did you impulse shop that little gem?!

Hannihaus said...

this is my favorite happy jane flavor yet. yum!

Susie said...

Call me a rookie but can you get key lime concentrate? Wondering if that would give you enough pulp?

Carrie said...

Thanks, Ladies!

Susie-- I have some key lime juice that's made from concentrate... I usually use it to make key lime pies, and it's great. the problem with that is that it's just juice. no pulp. :(

I wanted the filling to have some texture, as well as a stronger lime flavor. if I use too much juice (for stronger lime flavor) then the filling won't 'set' cause it'll be too soft/too much liquid. (That was one of the problems I had with the Irish Dreams one.. I had used too much bailey's, and the filling never really set well. :(

if you ever happen to see a key lime juice with pulp (like orange juice has) up by you, let me know... I'll for sure buy some when I come up.

speaking of June... what flavor should I be bringing up with me??