Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fan Appreciation Day - A CONTEST!

I really should have cleaned today. or did the laundry. or prepped dinner so I'm not left scratching my head in a mad scramble trying to feed everyone when we get back from my daughter's dance class.

instead... I made a new Jane. And while I will have a full post describing the newest Happy Jane up soon... I thought I'd make the introduction short and sweet.

meet the "Fanna Banana"

There's no monkeying around with this Happy Jane... She's got a banana cookie base (which happens to be egg-less, by the way), a white chocolate and banana cream center, and then she's topped with a generous coating of extra dark and bittersweet chocolate.

These Janes were inspired because both my husband and son are fans of bananas (get it.. fanna banana = fan OF banana??) and every now and then I like to make the guys in my life happy. Then I figured.. why not make some READERS happy, too?

So here goes, gang---

I'm going to give away TWO sets of 6 Fanna Banana Happy Janes for every FIFTY comments I get on this post. All it takes is a comment telling me what YOU are a fan of. (well, that, and the random number generator picking your comment number!)

(wait.. back up.. what do I mean 2 sets of 6 for every fifty? Did I not drink my coffee today or something?)

so it goes like this: If I get anywhere from 2-99 comments on this post, the random number generator will pick TWO comment entries to each have a half-dozen happy Janes mailed to them. if this post sees 100+ comments? then FOUR winners will be chosen. 150+ comments? SIX winners. you get the drift. I will, however, limit the number of winners to 10. not that I can even IMAGINE this blog post getting more than 250 comments (snort! hah! maniacal laughing like you can't imagine going on!) but in the CRAZY chance that I DO get more than 250 comments, I'm going to keep the winner count at 10. otherwise I'd be in the poorhouse trying to ship these girls to all the winners! That's fair enough, right?

so while I'm at it.. here's a FEW other little tiny rules:

  • 1 comment per person with a valid e-mail address so I can contact you, please!

  • do NOT forget to say what you're a fan of! Keep with the theme, people!

  • Winner must reside in the continental USA. (I don't want them spoiling or melting before they have a chance to even arrive!)

  • ALL COMMENTS must be received by 9am EST TOMORROW, FRIDAY MAY 15th.

BONUS ENTRIES! want to be able to leave another comment/get another entry? Here's TWO MORE WAYS TO ENTER:

  • OPTION A - Link to this contest on Twitter! afterwards, come back here and leave a comment with the URL of your tweet. (URL can be obtained by clicking the timestamp below your tweet)

  • OPTION B - Link to this contest on your blog! afterwards, come back and leave a comment with the URL of your blog post linking to the contest.

Not bad, eh? Three chances to enter, and since I'm going to say that a person can only 'win' once... the odds are pretty good on the spread.

Good luck! now spread the word, so I can spread some appreciation!


Thanks so much to all of you who entered! I'm certainly a fan of people who enter my contests!

Speaking of contests... this one is officially CLOSED!!! check back later for the WINNERS!!!


Jay said...

Looks delish!

SusieO said...

Hm...I'm fan of Happy Janes and The Apollo!

SusieO said...

Tweet Tweet!!!

Mmmm banana! My monkeys and I LERVE bananas!

Jodes said...

does it have to be a food something we are fans of? fresh picked tomatoes just off the vine.

non-food things? coming around the bend on the bqe and seeing the brooklyn bridge and manhattan leap into view, friends who know when you need a pick me up, kids who give me kisses freely, early bedtime for said kids, weekends, biking with the whole family and chocolate.

how's that?

you are amazing with all the baking you've got going on!

Cathy said...

Food - I'm a fan of ice cream with cookie dough.

Nonfood - I'm a fan of naps.

Sucking Up - I'm a HUGE fan of you! =)

Erin said...

Oooh, these look delicious. I'm a fan of a good juicy cheeseburger right off the grill + a warm summer night to eat it!

Erin said...

I think the next Happy Janes should be named after me. Edible Erin's or Elegant Erin's or maybe I'll just start a rival cookie franchise of my own :P

Erin said...

Free PR:
Gossip Erin

Rob (Woody) said...

I'm a fan of your Chicken Parmigiana. Remember that day you made dinner for all 12 of us?

Tara Sherian said...

I'm a fan of my favorite Stepford Friend - :) Love ya Carrie

Porq said...

Make a batch of the "Janes" 'cause when me & the Boss get there next week, I can save you money for NOT mailing them to me. heh-heh-heh!


Nickname unavailable said...

Any comment here?

Jenni said...

I'm a fan of eating. In general. :-)

mary said...

I am a fan of life!
Feeling good in the hood baby!

I am also a fan of good food!

And a fan of you!

Kristin said...

I'm a HUGE fan of bananas so I had to comment. I am also a big fan of your super clever sugar cube idea. :) (and I'm serious about the banana thing - i am sitting here eating some japanese banana creme cookies as i type)

Nancy said...

Is it bad to say I'm a fan of beer on a Friday afternoon?
Those Happy Janes look delicious and would probably go better with wine huh?

Alan H said...

This looks so yummy.... I wish I could try a small piece... Keep up the good work girl...

Erin said...

Tweet tweet!

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of my Sayreville friend Carrie the "baking goddess." I am also a fan of filet mignon, SANGRIA, and bananas (I eat 1 everyday).

Robin :)

Stacey King said...

I'm a fan of sleeping in.
And Miss Carrie.

Katy said...



Food in general. Good!

Gary said...

OK, I'll bite. This is Allison though, not Gary (too lazy to register just now!).

I'm a fan (read: fanatic) of baking. Right now working on good cookie recipes for ice cream sandwiches...

Diana said...

Okay...I'll play! Because Happy Janes will get me every time! Though I'm not personally a fan of bananas, Callie would absolutely die without them. I will make late night runs to the store (30 minutes away!) JUST for morning bananas for the girl. It's sad, but we'll do anything for our babies!

As for what I'm a fan incredible, amazing group of nn girls! my friends here at home, unexpected hugs from the kids, thunderstorms, sunny days, really good trumpet music, and yeah...I'll admit it, I'm a huge fan of Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer, love the KC beer!

And you Carrie! Although your blog makes me feel a bit inadequate! I'm a fan!!!

I want some Janes!!!

Diana said...

Oh, I'm "blog dumb" and don't know how to link my email address...

NOW am I entered properly?!?!