Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck of the Irish

so my previous post highlighted my FAILED attempt at a new Happy Jane Flavor.

it's been a while since I posted it, but I do recall the gist was that the IDEA was good, but it was just falling short.

I just wanted to let the record stand that I eventually DID figure out how to make the Jane an acceptable member of the family.

I tweaked the recipe so that the 'filling' was thicker (a lot less Bailey's this time, and more sugar. enough Bailey's for flavor, but not so much that the filling was 'soft' like last time, and there was less of an alcohol-y taste.)

I also used a better chocolate. I stuck with my instincts of using Milk Chocolate. I know my folks probably preferred that I would have used a dark chocolate, but the milk chocolate flows better with that creamy-dreamy taste I was shooting for. And let's face it... my creation... my choice of chocolate, right? ;)

So at long last... let's give a hearty welcome to our newest Jane-

"Irish Dreams"

Happy St. Patrick's Day!