Sunday, March 16, 2008

St Patty's Day

Well... I doubt St Patrick had cookies on his mind when he was in Ireland teaching about the Catholic Faith... but I sure have cookies on MY mind this St. Patrick's Day.

Now that Rhena is older and really wants to HELP with everything.. and Danny is mobile (read has free reign of the downstairs so I'm a walking stress bucket) it's a bit harder just to decide I want to make cookies and get to baking.

step one--- get those cookies BAKED!

This particular batch has taken a total of three days to complete. one day I made the dough, the next rhena and I rolled, cut and baked... yesterday I layed the base icings, and just today I finished the details. oh. I guess that's FOUR days.

bases done... time for the finishing touches!

no matter. the best part of sugar cookies is that they keep extremely well; especially when stored in the tupperware.

for practicality, I tried to keep it simple. only 2 different shapes/cutters, and only 4 colors of icing.

The finished bunch. 21 in all. lucky number?

plated up for a nice final picture. Happy St Patrick's Day!

Lessons learned: I need to watch how much water I add back in to the icing to thin it out for flooding. I noticed that when the larger shamrocks dried, there was some inconsistencies in the color over the cookie. This is most noticeable in the dark colors. This batch was just for fun, and I'd like to think my friends will eat them just the same... but it's definitely something I need to be a little more careful about going forward.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eat your vegetables!

SO I already tried my hand at fruit cookies... I thought it was only fair that I give the veggies a shot.

ok, so it's only ONE vegetable, and I didn't make it for the sake of making a veggie cookie... The carrot cookies I made are really just the first installment for the Easter and St Patty's Day cookies I'm working on.

pipe, flood, pipe some more.

no matter. the carrots are done, and in the event that Rhena and Troy eat them all before I get the bunny heads and eggs done... I want to post them.

better than 'rabbit food'

it's all in the details

Have you had your veggies today?

personal note; the carrot shape itself was pretty easy to do. I have been percolating on doing a petit four or something.. mini carrot cakes? SOMETHING. I definitely will implement the carrot shape to the next carrot-flavored cake/treat I make. carrot cake cup cakes with cream cheese frosting and a little piped carrot on top? perhaps.