Monday, September 1, 2008

and the Winner is.....

Well, the results are in for the Name That Jane contest. I'm pleased to announce that the official winner is:


This name was submitted by Dara... so CONGRATULATIONS, DARA!!! all that's left for her to do now is to say which flavor Happy Jane she would like to be made and delivered to her this week! (Mint Treasures, Mocha Crunch, Strawberry Shorties, or... Coco-Dots!)

In terms of the specifics... I made up a voting sheet and a large batch of the chocolate-coconut Happy Janes and brought them to a neighbor's house on Saturday for a get-together they were throwing.
Judges were asked to vote for their TOP FIVE choices, and number them one through five. All #1 votes would receive 5 points, #2 votes would get 4 points, and so on down to one point for #5. I collected five completed judging sheets, and the breakdowns were as follows:

Chicka Boom - 3 points total ( one 3rd place vote)
Choco-COCO Jane - 1 point total (one 5th place vote)
Choco-nut Janes - 2 points total (one 4th place vote)
Coco-Bel Bites - 2 points total (one 4th place vote)
Coco-Dots - 20 points total (three 1st place, one 2nd place and one 5th place vote)
Coconut Dreams - 16 points total (two 2nd place, 2 3rd place and one 4th place vote)
Coconut Groove - 12 points total (one 1st place, one 2nd place, one 3rd place vote)
Coconut Wonders - 6 points total (one 1st place, one 5th place vote)
Jungle Janes - 3 points total (one 3rd place vote)
Major Coconut - 2 points total (one 4th place vote)
Secret Addiction - 5 points total (one 2nd place and one 5th place vote)
Tropical Storms - 1 point total (one 5th place vote)
Undercover Coconut - 2 points total (one 4th place vote)

I tried scanning in the tally sheets for each of you to see, but the 'table' format caused all sorts of breaks. I'll be more than happy to snail-mail photocopies of the results to anyone who wishes.

I will say something, though.. the winner is NOT who I expected. PERSONALLY I was leaning towards Undercover Coconut, Coconut Groove, and Coconut Dreams as my top 3... and while two of those WERE in the top three.. that Coco Dots just really took hold and wouldn't let go. At first I began trying to think of a way to get out of using the name... but I stopped myself because there's a lesson to be learned for me in all of this. The demographic in which I would be primarily selling and giving these Janes were the people voting. If they said that Coco-Dots was a name THEY would like associated with what they were eating... then I should listen.

So again.. congratulations to Dara, and let's all give a hearty welcome to the newest Happy Jane Flavor... COCO-DOTS!!!