Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunnies are Crumblin' to Town

Ok... I'll admit it. I enjoy eating rabbits on Easter. you name it.. chocolate ones (solid, hollow or filled!), cookie ones, heck.. I'd even take a Gummy Bunny after giving up sweets for all of Lent! I think it's the ears... the way they stick out? they're just BEGGING to be chomped right off!!!

This year I decided to indulge my affliction for the hoppers in cookie form. (ok.. truth be told, I made too much cookie dough for the going away party cookies, and since it was Easter weekend, I figured I might as well. Besides... I couldn't do carrots again. they're SO last year!)

So from my family to yours... the four of us wish you a "Hoppy" Easter.

Just, you know.. pay no mind to the slightly bug-eyed and buck-toothed rabbits. (that was an attempt at quirky-cute that started to border on creepy/possessed. note the style change with the others, yes?)

Happy Easter!

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