Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Citrus Inspiration

So in the springtime, I like to start thinking about lighter flavors. I use a lot more citrus fruits in my cooking, and consequently, the same holds true for my baking. I've recently become a big fan of these raspberry/lemon muffins, and plan on trying out the BLUEberry/lemon recipe very soon.

At any rate, with my thoughts on spring colors and lighter flavors, I thought it was time that I gave my Janes a fresh look for the season as well. During Lent I had plennnnty of time to think about what flavor combos I would try next, and while I still have 2 more up my sleeve, I wanted to share my two latest creations.

The first one stemmed from all those extra lemons I had kicking around. After whipping up a batch of buttercream filling, I added in some lemon extract and a heaping amount of lemon zest. After that filling sat over night, (I wanted the buttercream to REALLY absorb the lemony zing from the zest) I piped the filling on to some vanilla cookie rounds.

The rest came easy as pie. Lemon meringue pie, that is! Each treat got a dunk in white chocolate, then topped with a few of my 'home-made' lemon sprinkles. Sweet, tart, and refreshing... all in one little Jane!

I call this one "Dang Meringue"

My husband Troy is a big fan of orange, so the next Jane was kind of for him. I *like* oranges... but Troy? forget about it! Orange water, orange soda, sherbert, creamsicles, gatorade... BLEH! he likes all of that!

So I copied the lemon filling concept, but switched it out for orange extract and orange zest. After 'resting' over night... I also piped that filling on the vanilla cookie rounds.

Pretending to be a fan of creamsicles, I colored some white chocolate with some orange color gel, and gave the girls a dunk. A few (store-bought this time.. I got lazy!) sprinkles for garnish later, and another Jane was born.

I had a hard time coming up with a name for this creation. My 4 year old daughter tried one and upon finding out this particular combination was title-less, insisted that I name them "Orange Peels". It's not a bad name.. and for now that's what I'll call them. Feel free to make a name suggestion, though. you never know when I might take a liking to it and send you some of your own Happy Janes as a way of thanking you.

"Orange Peel" Happy Janes

I hope you're all enjoying your springs, as well as the fresh colors and flavors the season offers!

Stay tuned, cause I have some new things with key limes and raspberries on my list of fruit to make bad for you!


Erin said...

The creamsicle Happy Janes are absolutely adorable! An inspired recipe I'm sure :)

Elissa said...

These are all so creative and adorable! I have to say my favorite is the orange peel, which looks downright dreamy. :)

Jenni said...

omg, Troy is after my own heart. Can I order a batch of the Orange Peels??? mmmmm, they look delish!