Sunday, August 3, 2008

Plum Pear Apple

some days, I've got it. other times?? not so much.

Last week, I really wanted to send out some packages that had been kicking around for a while. random love, thank you gifts, belated birthday presents, congrats presents, baby gifts.. you name an occasion, and I pretty much was needing to send something for it.

of all the packages I sent last week, one happened to be a congratulationary gift. Is that a word? if not... you heard it here first!

Anyho... a fellow blogger I enjoy reading recently launched her own company selling super-hero capes for children. Have you seen it yet? It's Pear Plum Apple Designs... and she really does make the most adorable hand-made capes.

As a little way to congratulate her company's inauguration, I decided to send her a little of what *I* like to do.. kind of like a long distance hi-five. I whipped up a batch of sugar cookies, and created one with her logo on it.

and since I had the icing and cookies made already, I made a few extra... one with her name on it, and a few little ones for her little boy, Mason.

LESSONS LEARNED: Although this was a fun 'gift' to make... I made a VERY big mistake. Erin's logo background is white. when doing a white background.. it it EXTREMELY imperative to let the icing dry completely before piping dark colors on top. Thankfully, I took pictures of the cookie the night I did it, because after sitting overnight, the plum, pear and apple dyes bled into the white background. ... as seen by the picture below.

another thing to be noted with white backgrounds... it is better to use a THICKER layer of the icing. Due to the size of the cookie, I baked a little longer to ensure it was cooked thoroughly. This caused some browning on the top of the cookie, which can easily bee seen through the icing because 1 - it's white, and 2 - I did not apply a thick enough coating.

one last (obvious) reminder... the thicker the icing.. the longer the dry time!!! so be patient!


Erin said...

bleeding icing or not, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these. Thanks again so much. I think I will shellac them so they can last forever. :)

Darci said...

Erin sent me over, telling us that you are just a great friend for making her those cookies. Love them you did a great job, so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Love then! Great job and great takeaways.

Erin said...

So impressed! I think you need to fly up and give me some decorating lesson for the holidays.

RETTJ16 said...

Hi, i am Erins cousin--Jill! I just wanted to say how amazing your cookies look! How did you do the designs and handwritting so perfect?! I love making cookies and i would love some hints of how to make them as great looking as yours! I haven't looked at your blog too much...but what i have seen looks so nummy! I will for sure take a peek at all the great stuff you have made! Oh, and do you just make all these goodies for fun or do you sell your stuff?!

Pecos Blue said...

Very sweet. That is how I found your site.

Also if you want to win one of her great capes. I am doing my first giveaway! Win a Super Hero Cape!