Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Janes

ok.. it's been a slowwww summer here. Between travels, no bake sales at church, and just trying to keep the kids occupies... I don't have as much stuff to share.

On fourth of july, I made a 'twinkie' cupcake in which I stuffed yellow cupcakes with a marshmallow-based frosting. They were beyond sweet, and I forgot to take pictures, but now that I have them under my belt (so-to-speak) I will make them again and document it.

For today, however... I will share something I whipped up based on a recipe, a good friend, and some good music.

The original recipe I saw suggested topping a vanilla cookie with ganache, then coating with candy drizzle.
I made it 'my own' by starting with a chocolate cookie base. Then I made two batches of an extra-dark chocolate ganache. One I kept plain, then other I mixed in some pure peppermint extract.
I piped the ganache onto the cookie rounds, and placed in the freezer to set.

meanwhile, I melted down some milk chocolate, and mixed in espresso powder. after it cooled slightly (but was still pourable) I dipped the tops of the plain-ganache cookies and put aside to cool and 'set'. I called these happy janes a "Mocha Crunch"

Next I melted some white chocolate and added a touch of flavorless green gel coloring. Once that 'dip' was ready, I took the rounds that had the peppermint chocolate ganache, and coated their tops. These were to be called "Mint Treasures"

after all the happy janes were cooled and set, I piped a drizzle of the plain dark chocolate ganache on top of each.

"Mocha Crunches"

"Mint Treasures"

I was pleased with the results; a crunchy cookie with a chocolate shell filled with a ganache that was SO RICH and literally melted in my mouth. Like a great marriage of truffles and cookies.
Mocha Crunch Happy Janes

Mint Treasure Happy Janes

LESSONS LEARNED: Unfortunately, this is a treat that should be eaten within a day of making. the longer the ganache sits atop the cookie, I found the cookie to become softer; as if it was absorbing the moisture from the ganache? Though I did notice that the chocolate cookies in general tend to get softer over time (vs vanilla ones that stay crunchy MUCH longer). I hope to continue to explore the idea of the Happy Jane; perhaps with the vanilla cookie to compare softness over time, and of course... flavor combinations. Troy has already put in a request for a bing/black cherry variety.


Hannihaus said...

a post worth waiting for. these look so good and can't wait to see your twinkie cupcakes--yum!

Cathy said...

Oh how I wish I was your neighbor - 'cuz you could always send over those cookies that need to be eaten right away!
Those look delicious - the mint ones sound yummy!

Erin said...

You're giving me a toothache Carrie!

Anonymous said...

OH THAT's good cause I ate them all within 24 hours of receiving them for my birthday treat.

Melt in your mouth is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

I'm a Happy Jane!

ZuphChic said...

What a fun blog! I think I gained at least five pounds just LOOKING at the pictures...