Friday, August 22, 2008

Name That Jane--- a CONTEST!!

Well... I did it. I created yet ANOTHER type of Happy Jane.

Let me tell you something. It's GOOD. like "I may hide the rest of these from everyone and eat them by myself in the laundry room GOOD".

But alas... I have a problem.

My lil Happy Janes are without a name.

First.... let me introduce you.

This Happy Jane hails from a vanilla cookie descent. She is topped with a rich, hand-made coconut buttercream (laced with shredded coconut, of course), then dipped in an extra dark Belgian dark chocolate, then topped with just a teeeeny sprinkle of more shredded coconut for garnish.

She really is a beauty, if I say so myself. wait. I just did.


So there you have it. Now is where YOU come in.

I need a name for this Jane... and I'm willing to offer up a free batch of Janes to whomever can give her the best name.

To play... leave a comment here BEFORE 5pm EST, August 29th with a name suggestion.

All entries will be given to a panel of judges for voting. The name with the most votes will not only win the honor of having their entry attached to an official Happy Jane, but he or she will ALSO receive a shipment of ONE DOZEN HAPPY JANES in a flavor of their choice. (Mint Treasures, Mocha Crunch, Strawberry Shorties, or the TBN (To Be Named) )

Additional rules: no more than TWO suggestions per person, please. I realize that a week is a long time to think on something, and you may get a new idea after you submit your first suggestion. THEREFORE... I will allow TWO (and ONLY TWO) suggestions per participant during the submission period.

Side note... on the chance that two individuals submit the same name choice.. credit will be given to the entry with the earliest timestamp. (so if you DO have a good name.. don't sit on it too long...)

so what are you waiting for? NAME THAT JANE!!!

*** due to my personal standards of quality and the types of ingredients I use (read "chocolate MELTS in the summer heat"), I can only select a winner with a valid US mailing address that can receive overnight mailings.


Erin said...

Can we call them Coconut Erin's? That's cute right?

Kidding! Kidding! about something cute like

Midnight on the Island cookies (get it?!)
Chocolate Scandals!

Maybe I should ask Joan Collins if she wants to use these first though...

Carla said...

Choco-nut Jane's?

Coco-Bel Bites?

Yeah, i'm out of should've posted this in the morning when my mind was fresh, lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh I got it!

Coconut Groove

Kinda of a play on words - Groove/Grove... anyway - that's my entry!

Jody said...

ok, i think suzer may have it there but how about tropical storms? cause, you know tropical for the coconut and storm for the chocolate. get it? get it? and i feel i have to remind you where you got the idea for the first happy jane, just to keep in mind when the votes are tallied! i kid, i kid. i just want some cookies :)

Leila said...


the name for that Jane is Choco-COCO Jane.

So, just send me the cookies I know I won.!!!! hahahha!

Mama Ginger Tree said...

Oh I want to win this one soooooo badly. I will have to give it some thought and come back with my winning suggestion.

You are such a tease showing me these photos. You know I love sweets!

HaddockTeacher said...

Ok bare with me here, I think Chicka Boom because my very first thought was the children's book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom which is about what I might want to say after having coconut and the Belgian chocolate... YUMMY! Chicka Boom!

HaddockTeacher said...

OH my second name is "Secret Addiction" because of the comment you made about hiding to eat them in the laundry room :)

mommawithdrama said...

They look yummy! How about the names Sweet Baby Janes or Jungle Janes?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I like the Jungle Janes one... maybe for a banana cream Jane?

Christi said...

All that comes to mind is Choco-nilla Coco Janes. It kinda rolls off the tongue...well, at least mine!

Porq said...

First seeing the vanilla cookies, I immediately thought of "CLOUD PIES".

Then when I scrolled down to see them dipped in chocolate, I thought of "RAIN CLOUD PIES".

Maybe I was influenced by Webbl & Bob....



Even if I don't win, I'll get to get some when we come down again!!


Elvis said...

OK - here be the first round of submissions from some of the offspring:

Dara came up with two names:
Major Coconut

Delaney came up with:
Coconut Wonders

Damian is still working on his names, as he is undecided on anything as yet.

The Wife(TM) is gonna give it a shot, but she's still giving it some noodle power.

As for me, I can't get past all that coconut, and you know how I feel about that particular ingredient... eesh.

Cathy said...

I did some research and it appears you like your Happy Janes to have two words in their name - Mint Treasures, Mocha Crunch, Strawberry Shorties - right? And it seems as though the first word should describe part of the flavor. So...
how about...

Coconut Dream - and the dream sort of represents the dark chocolate - because you dream at night, when it's dark out, right?

So there it is Coconut Dreams.

I may or may not have another entry - since I think this IS THE WINNER!!! =)

Elvis said...

Name update: the kids have been playing Spy lately, creeping all over the place and trying to do the Bond thing. So, Damian would like to submit his entry for the cookies:

Undercover Coconut

Let's see how my little Agent 86 does on this...

indiana_autumn said...
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indiana_autumn said...

Hibiscus (Hawaii's state flower)

Nene (pronounced "nay-nay")- Hawaiian Goose

Theresa Klonaski