Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Taffy Apple Bars

So when my folks were here, we passed through Barnes and Noble, and my mom bought me a book, Cookie Dough Fun.

It's a cute book, and while it's not COMPLETELY jaw-dropping inspiring like my Confetti Cakes book... I find that it has some cute ideas and very simple recipes.

in fact.. most of the recipes listed in this book have the base of ready-made cookie-dough.

one of the recipes was called a "Taffy Apple Bar". It used a base of pre-made sugar and peanut butter cookie dough (one package of each, then mixed together). The original recipe was topped with apples, peanuts and then caramel sauce... but I took the liberty of using pecans and real caramel squares instead. Really... what you see below were all the ingredients I needed.

after the doughs were combined and pressed into a pan, I chopped my apples, nuts and caramel squares. Ever the fan of caramel, I decided to 'mix' my dough-toppers so I would have caramel all over the place, and not just the 'drizzle' on top like the recipe called for.

All set for the oven....

mmmm.. melted caramelly-apple goodness. I'm in LOVE!

cooled off and ready to be served

care for a piece?

I will gladly share the actual recipe through e-mail; just leave a comment letting me know if you want it.


Anonymous said...

mmm looks delish!

Erin said...

I just like to eat cookie dough. Can you mix up a bowl of that concoction again and hand over a spoon? Thanks!

Hannihaus said...

caramel and apples are my favorite. this looks soooo good.

BM 2007!Where Friendship Continues:) said...

omg. looks so good! im about to break out into puddles of drool because of the caramel. ._. hahaha. would you mind sharing the recipe? :D my email's rouge_cheeks@hotmail.com :)