Sunday, April 6, 2008

Old Faithful

ok, when I typed the title of this post, I was thinking about how these two treats I made for the bake sale were just easy stand-bys.. but I like how the pun happens cause it was a CHURCH bake sale. or not.. maybe I just need sleep.

anyways.. more bake sale items!

Since I didn't use all the batter from the cone cakes, I made some standard cupcakes with the chocolate box mix.

but just cause I used a box mix and frosting doesn't mean they can't look pretty! ever the chance to practice my piping techniques, I filled up my bags and used my new wide tips.

the frosting was just so simple with the swirl, but I thought they looked polished. as in professional.. not as in from Poland.

and since I didn't get to make rhena her pancakes from my over-ripe bananas... I mashed them up and decided to make banana bread.

oh.. with pecans, that is.

There's something very promising about something being put into the oven. I really do get a little giddy whenever I put something in.

I only made the four loaves, but that's all I had in terms of bananas. I was pleased with their coloring. Though.. I have to say, if I was keeping them for me, I would have topped them bad boys with a streusel topping or something. I do love me some streusel.

not too many lessons learned here. this was pure churn 'em and (don't) burn 'em. on a separate note, though.. my mom oversaw a kid purchasing an oopsie-daisy after mass. she said he was VERY excited to get home and eat his treat.

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Kate said...

CARRIE! I finally made it over to view your site!! LOVE IT! and can I tell you how IMPRESSED I AM?!?!?! You are sooo talented.