Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oopsie Daisies

This weekend is another bake sale for church. I had intended on making the bird nests for church, but ended up doing them with Rhena for her preschool classmates.

Sticking with things that are geared for kids.. I threw a big whup-whup for days gone by and decided on making cone cakes.

you know.... anyone over 30 has HAD to at least had a cupcake baked in a cake cone at some point during their school years. you know.. before the days of everyone being allergic to everything and no parent being allowed to home-make any treat for the class without a pre-approved nutritional label and ingredient list? NOT that there's anything wrong with that, cause if MY kids were allergic to something, I wouldn't want them digesting something that could.. you know.. cause death or seizing or something.

anyways.. I thought.. ice-cream cupcakes! how fun! how cute!

so with my folks arriving and the deadline for submitting donated goods looming, I opted to just use a box mix, and get to baking.

filled up the cones.

I only did a total of 12, though. halfway into pouring the batter, I thought about how in hell I planned on transporting the cones TO church... as well as how to wrap them/present them for sale. errrrg.

oh well. I pressed on.

after the cakes had cooled, I filled up a pastry bag with frosting and let it stiffen up a little by putting it in the fridge for a little bit. I swirled the frosting around the top, trying to get that 'soft-serve' look.

the first couple didn't turn out so hot. turns out it takes an INCREDIBLE amount of frosting to get the height required to look similar to a real ice cream cone. like.. a "no way would I let rhena eat one of these cause she'd be up for a week from the sugar" amount.

after I had about 6 frosted... something distracted me and I jostled the tray I had the cones on.

PLOP. 2 of my cones. on the floor.

and that's when it hit me. inspiration is funny like that.

I decided to frost the cones, garnish with sprinkles, then "plop" them up-side down in little pie tins.

I was able to easily wrap them in plastic wrap, and transport 9 of them to the sale without affecting the final look of each treat.

I call them the "Oopsie-Daisy"... an up-side down chocolate cone cake. *I* thought they looked cute. I guess I'll find out tomorrow after mass whether or not they're a hit.

lesson learned: top-heavy cupcakes are not very practical. maybe for an at-home party.. but definitely not a transport-friendly item. I might try this project again with a meringue top?
the final result wasn't what I had in mind when I started, but sometimes that just happens.


Erin said...

These are seriously adorable. Where do you come up with all of these creative crafty food ideas? You must make all of the other mom's so annoyed when you roll into a birthday party with your fancy pants cookies and treats.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! love it! And for the record I've never had or seen a cupcake cone in person in my life. Only pictures/tv/etc/ DEPRIVED CHILD HERE. HA

Cathy said...

Oh my gosh. I had my one and only cupcake cone at a birthday party when I was much younger - and since then have been wondering how to make them! Please share how! Or point me in the right direction. These are so cute - and your website makes me hungry!

Carrie said...

Thanks, Erin! coming from you that's a true compliment.. being that I about EAT MY ARM every time I look at your blog??

Suser-- I will totally make you cone cakes when I come next time. cause you know.. like everything.. it's better when someone else makes them! but really.. no knowledge of FUPA, no cone cakes... how have you made it this far, momma?? xxoo!!

Cathy -- THANKS! the biggest trick is to only fill up 2/3rds of the way, otherwise you'll be a big mess in the oven.

they sell racks made especially for making these,(I've seen them occasionally at michael's and other craft places??) but I just used a cupcake pan, and held 'er steady when I was putting them in the oven.

I just used a box mix per directions, only filling up partially like I said, but there are some REALLY fancy variations out there.. as you can see here.

Jenni said...

oh thank God Susie, thought I would be the only one! I also have never heard of a cupcake cone and I think I was majorly deprived!! Those look so neat and I LOVE the upside down version. Very creative and I am sure they were a big hit!! I wonder what ingredients are in cones and if I could make those for Garret w/ his special cake recipe w/ no eggs or milk. inspire me.

Cathy said...

Thanks so much! I'm going to try these for my son's birthday party in June! (maybe I'll try a batch before then)

Christi said...

We did those for TJ's birthday party once. Everyone loved them. They definitely weren't good for transport. We ended up cutting holes in the tops of pizza boxes to carry them, and putting shish-kabob (sp?) sticks in the corners to hold the plastic wrap high enough not to touch them! Yeah, it looked really retarded...but it worked!