Saturday, June 20, 2009

Never say "Easy"

I should have known better. By very nature of my mom's maiden name, Murphy, I SHOULD have known better.

Who would have thought that a simple character-cookie like Elmo would have been such a monumental challenge?
Clearly *I* didn't... because I told Cathy that it would be EASY to do cookies for her son's second birthday.


I'm not going to bore you with ALLLL of the details... but the highlights of my journey into the depths of believing that Elmo was truly the spawn of Satan include:

not being able to find an Elmo-shaped cookie cutter ANYWHERE, thus having to CREATE one from scratch

not having enough 'red dye' to create an Elmo-y shade of frosting, thus having to stop mid-mixing to go buy MORE red dye to get out of the pink realm.

in new jersey, because I was at my parents' house.

waiting 12 extra hours, unable to do anything while I waiting for the 'it's about time it's finally red' frosting to harden. only to find out that it NEVER DID, thus causing me to have to...

THROW AWAY entire first batch of cookies and re-create, roll, cut, bake, and apply new first
coat of "oh dear lord I have to make red again" frosting.

before 9am, because that was the day I promised to take my kids down the shore.

Re-attack the final detail pipings so they have a chance to dry before being packaged up and sent off to the birthday boy.

only to find out the post office did not offer 2nd day air, and had to ship them overnight.


don't get me wrong. This project was a GREAT experience, and I was so so sooooo happy to do it. but MAN! issue after issue! Here's a look at the final results:

Elmo- take two... but with a NICE shade of red

They may look like they're smiling, but they're really laughing at me

Elmo heads together with the centerpiece cookie

From paper to product-- using clipart and the invite for inspiration

all wrapped up and ready to go

Ultimately, I think that this was a great reminder that I shouldn't take anything for granted... and like baking itself... the slightest variation with technique, ingredients, and/or location can create exponential differences in the final product.

There was no question ever I wouldn't get this project done. Cathy is a wonderful woman whom I've met through the internet. She has a heart of gold and is just a KIND person in general. Of course... having a 2 year old myself... there is absolutely NO WAY on this green earth that I would send her son anything that didn't look like Elmo. There was absolutely no room for failure in this project... and I feel pretty confident that Cathy and her birthday boy, Liam, were pleased with the final results.

I know my daughter Rhena was.

kid-tested and Elmo Approved!

Happy birthday, Liam!!


Kelli said...

Well, if it helps, they look amazing! And Rhena is getting so stinkin' pretty! :) Good job, girl.

Cathy said...

Oh Carrie! They were so good - Liam loved them! And he was very excited and kept saying Elmo Cookie? Liam's Elmo cookie???

also - the red dye - we made an elmo cake and gave up trying to make the frosting red and just went to the store and got a bunch of tubes of red frosting - red sucks. =)

Oh and I've been wanting to write a post about his party and the cookies and everything, but it's been so darn hot I can not handle doing anything.

Diana said...

You are amazing Carrie! The Elmo cookies are absolutely adorable and I've made red frosting for a firetruck sucks! I'm with you there, and I damn sure wouldn't have made it twice. Did I mention that you're amazing?!?!? And yeah...Rhena is gorgeous! Loving the Rhena pics!

Erin said...

Carrie these look spectacular! I can't believe you made the cookie cutter and still managed to decorate them all so beautifully. You are just too fabulous.

Palm City Momma said...

I found your blog on a blogger search and if you don't mind me asking where did you find the cookie cutter? I am curious because it would be fantastic for my sons B Day party.

Carrie said...

Thanks all for the compliments!!

Cathy-- I joke a lot, but it really WAS a pleasure making the cookies!

Palm City--- I actually purchased a cookie cutter KIT so I could make the cutter myself. I assure you I SCOURED the internet looking for someone who sold elmo-shaped cookie cutters, and had absolutely no luck.

This site is from where I bought my kit;

THIS site lists how to do it yourself;

then of course.. if you want to bypass all of that... you can always ORDER some cookies through me through my Stepford Site!

Christie said...

How did you make your own cookie cutter? Never mind, I see in the comments you've already listed where to get 'em. I don't think the Sesame Street gang could have done any better.