Monday, February 9, 2009

We have a WINNER

First off.. I want to say thanks to all that visited my blog and participated in this latest contest!

As I type, I have a fresh batch of cookies in the oven, partially on their way to becoming a tasty valentine treat for one of you.

what's that? oh... you want to know who won???

ok, ok... I'll spare you the agony of waiting any more.

The lucky winner, via the cool random number generator.... is #18!!!

So let's send some big love and congratulations to Jodes!

Jodes, please e-mail me the address to which you would like for your dozen cookies to be sent to, and your personalized batch will be on their way! you can e-mail me at

Thanks again to all who participated... and for my first FOLLOWER! Thanks to Melinda Mey for being my first groupie! (you too can be a follower, btw... there's a place to click along the left sidebar!)

look for some new posts this week... I've been doing a ton of baking! I also came up with a new flavor for my Happy Janes, so I'll be sharing that... and very soon I'll be talking more about my side project, A Taste of Stepford. Then, of course.. you never know when I'm going to bust out with another contest!
thanks again for all who participated.. and congrats to Jodes! Happy Valentine's Day!!


Susie said...

I think Jody wants you to send them here....


Congrats Jodes!

Jodes said...

yay! we are all very excited! thank you!

Jodes said...

The kids were so excited to see their names on the cookies! Thank you so much-what a wonderful treat.