Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And baby makes Three!

A few weeks ago, I got my first 'gig' doing cookies for someone. A friend was hosting a baby shower for someone who was having their third baby... and she asked me to do cookies as favors for the party guests. It was an exciting event for me, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that my nerves were on edge the whole week. I mean.. for the first time I was baking for a guest of honor that I didn't know!!!

would the cookies be good enough?

would they hold up well? (shipped to Arizona!)
would they get there in time????

Supposedly all turned out well... I've only had sporadic contact with the hostess since the event. The good news is that no matter what... I was able to get more practice in. and my shrink-wrapping is coming along rather well, too! (especially considering the SHAPE of these cookies)

Poor Susie... when I did the monster truck cookies for her son, Liam.. yikes. the shrink wrap on them was like an INCH thick. hah! and they were CIRCLES! so yeah.. definitely getting better about those.

also got a chance to play with backgrounds for the cookies. I'm finding that fabric backgrounds seem to take the best pictures for the cookies. While the wrapping paper offers great colors.. I always get a shine. and bonus! a friend of mine reminded me that fabric stores always have a TON of scraps for super cheap.... so look for (hopefully!!) some better pictures highlighting my efforts in posts to come.

speaking of things to come... February bake sale is this coming weekend. I had a request to make my biscotti again... and I have a new Happy Jane flavor in the works. Also? can you believe I've never done my cookies for the bake sale??? so yeah. I think some nicely decorated hearts are in order.


susie said...

They came out beautiful. And the wrap for Liam's cookies was FINE! And they came off easily for eating which was the most important! ;-)

RETTJ16 said...

Ohhhh! They turned out way cute!! Good job!!

Erin said...

The cookies tasted great; the wrapping was perfect - not one cracked cookie....and they were a huge hit.....great idea for the label on the back with your website.....and my boys loves popping the bubble wrap!

mfree said...

Monique Here, the baby shower was for me, and yes we absolutely loved your cookies. They were a huge hit at the shower. Thank You!
I kept one Cookie that says Baby J. Hopefully, it will last til he can eat it. It's in the freezer:)

Hats off to you!!!!!

Carrie said...

Thanks for the compliments, everyone!

and thanks so much to Monique for stopping by! congratulations to you, and many wishes for a happy and HEALTHY delivery of the little man!