Monday, October 13, 2008

Tricks and Treats

SO clearly I'm all about the treats on this site. I DO love me some treats!

a good friend of mine, whom I have already named to be my executive talent scout should I ever get too big for my britches. (and by that I DO mean money wise.. not pants sizes. if I LITERALLY get too big for my britches, then said friend will be the one duct-taping my mouth shut and putting my rear back on weight watchers. Cause she and I know I have to look good for that day when our kids get married. Just sayin'. )

ANYWAYS! Susie, in many ways, is my eyes and ears. She finds the coolest stuff, and that definitely includes recipes and fun ways of doing or presenting everyday stuff. A few months ago.. Suser passed on a link to a Martha special featuring a treat called Cake Pops.

I was immediately enthralled.. but I'm ashamed to admit I did not even ATTEMPT those little bad boys until this past bake sale. I was GOING TO... just... life took over for a little.

I thought it would be fun to make some cake pops in a ghoulish theme... I was thinking ghosts and goblins. or at least ghosts and pumpkins.

that's where the 'trick' part came in

On the original site of the cake pops creator... she was coating her pops in candy melts for the round pops... and the 'cupcake' shapes were 'dipped' on 2 different occasions.

I used white chocolate, and it was NOT EASY to work with. it was very gloppy and thick. I found that my ghosts looked a bit more like round and fat mummies. oh, and my food writing markers?? did not work so well on the white chocolate. I ended up using my Wilton dye gels for the eyes.

Look at these poor things... it's like they're BEGGING for someone to help them look better.

and lo and behold.. my 'grand' ideas of doing pumpkin balls got SQUASHED because I didn't have a good way of letting the balls 'dry' without setting them up-side-down. (thus giving them a Frankenstein-esque flat head.)

Thinking fast I dunked the orange 'balls' in theme-colored sprinkles, and chalked it up to inexperience.

All in all I think the treats turned out cute enough, and they tasted fine. (though ENTIRELY too sweet in my opinion. My 4 yr old daughter didn't seem to mind, though.) They seemed to be as dense/fudgy as a brownie coated in a too-thick layer of white chocolate.... just not as rich and heavy as a brownie would be.

I'm in no hurry to try these again, but that's not to say I won't. I think that like anything, practice would make me more proficient at making them... and perhaps using a thinner consistency outer shell (such as candy melts or adding paraffin!!! again with the paraffin!) would make this project a little easier.

or having a stand of some sorts so the pops could harden upright?

overall... I'll give it a "boo!" rating. Really... not my best work. Try me again next year?


Anonymous said...

What about some styrofoam blocks to hold the sticks for drying? I actually think the ghosts are ADORABLE!

I also recently saw an easy variation (easy for ME as it does not involve baking at ALL) and that is putting marshmallows on a stick, dipping them in candy melts - like red and green for christmas? then dipping them in sprinkles. Then each one wrapped like a lollipop.

Thinking that might be a cute favor for my holiday social. What's that? The social? Oh right cause apparently the past two occaisions I have OVERIMBIBED I have been inviting the WORLD to my holiday party. Yeah. Coll kid right here.

Kelli said...

Okay, so you bake AND you're funny. Boo rating. You slay me.
Anyway, I agree with Suz...I think the ghosts are pretty cute! And I agree with your daughter in that there is nothing that is TOO sweet. Impossible. :)

Hänni said...

I just think these are the cutest.