Friday, November 23, 2007

S'mores a go-go

Danny's birthday was a camp theme. his party was also 2 days after thanksgiving, so I did nowhere near as much for him as I have done for rhena in the past.

in fact... I ordered the cake.
I know, I know. but the favors were a home-made treat.

Thanks to Susie for the inspiration; she said something along the lines of s'mores for favors, so I ran with it.

dipping the marshmallow in the chocolate provided a little distortion, and I noticed that the graham sticks were inclined to pop out during the heat/cool process.... but overall they came out cute.

they were small enough that even I enjoyed them as a treat; I'm not one for s'mores, so that has to be saying something.

I bagged them up in sets of 2, and tied with a coordinating ribbon.

overall.... they were easy enough to make, and certainly easy enough for mass-production. I would definitely do these again. maybe when rhena does girl scouts or something.

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