Wednesday, August 1, 2007

And the band played on!

My friend's little boy had a guitar-themed birthday party, so I sent a bunch of guitars and music notes to him as a gift.

The biggest key for producing a large quantity of cookies is to keep the number of DIFFERENT designs to a minimum. one.. to come up with 36 different looking whatevers is exhausting. 2.. having an assembly line of some sorts helps me crank them out much faster.

as a result, I stuck with only 2 shapes for the cookie gift; music notes and guitars. second.. I kept the colors to black, red, blue and green. (oh, and I needed tan for part of the guitar. and white. always need some white)

every 'color' I do requires a loose and a thick batch of royal icing. one for outlining, one for flooding. so definitely keeping the number of colors that I use down helps.

I also had a trial run of shipping them. obviously, I did them overnight. I had them in ziplock bags AND in bubble-wrap. not sure how the final product arrived, but I was very concerned about the 'necks' of the guitars. definitely a breaking point.

oh well.. here are some of the final cookies.

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